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AMP Celebrates 50 Years

AMP offers a diverse portfolio of power supply resource options that include AMP- and member-owned generation, long-term supply contracts, and seasonal and spot market purchases, to best meet the needs of each respective member system. This, in combination with long-term power supply studies and load forecasts, helps to ensure that AMP’s member communities have the necessary resources available to meet the growing needs of their customer-owners.

A good example of joint action’s benefit is the AMP Fremont Energy Center (AFEC). AMP owns 90.69 percent of AFEC on behalf of 86 participating AMP members in seven states and 4.15 percent on behalf of the Central Virginia Electric Cooperative (CVEC). The 2011 purchase of this 700-MW natural-gas combined-cycle facility in Fremont, Ohio, was made possible by joint action and the collaboration of the participants.

American Municipal Power, Inc. offers a selection of value-added programs and services, and members are encouraged to explore them in full. While the AMP website provides a comprehensive inventory of information about the organization, the Member Extranet serves as a repository of member-specific information and opportunities, such as the Amplifier Annual Services Guide, which contains complete descriptions of programs and services, as well as a photo directory of the AMP Board of Trustees, leadership and staff.

AMP’s membership is made up of diverse utilities that have come together recognizing both the strength and benefits of joint action for their communities and customers. For more information on joint action, contact Adam Ward, senior vice president of member services and external affairs, at [email protected] or 614-540-1111.